Dallas Editorial and Spring Vibes Wedding

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The DFW metroplex has a massive variety in its attitudes, atmospheres, and vibes, and the best of that was designed to the detail for Lyndsey + Kendrick’s Dallas editorial and spring vibes wedding! Starting at separate rental Airbnb units, the groomsmen with Kendrick, and the bridesmaids with Lyndsey, got ready and dressed and enjoyed their mornings. When they were ready, Kendrick ventured across town to see his beautiful bride for the first time.

I can not stress enough that you should do everything you dream of for your big day. Have a venue that’s more on the rustic side but you dream of editorial classic moments? Get an airbnb like Lyndsey’s for getting ready, first looks, and portraits. Weddings are entirely what you make of them! The two lovebirds ready private vows after their first look, and celebrated each other for a while before they had to entertain guests, bridal parties, parents, and grandparents.

the cliff house

The Cliff House, where these two said I do is historic in its own amazing way. Read more here from their website. “The history of The Cliff House begins in 1898, when Virgil Hunton was born on a farm in New Mexico. He studied at Dallas Theological Seminary, where he became a minister in 1934. Hunton and his wife Lucille attracted 44 congregants to his new church, then located in the Chalk Hill area. Later that year, three trustees persuaded Lloyd to sell them land at Davis and Tyler, becoming Davis Street Baptist Church. Hunton and other volunteers, including many members of the church, worked tirelessly every day.

In the 1940’s Reverend Hunton’s son was married in the church, and the building has since hosted hundreds of celebrations under the leadership of Tyler Street Baptist Church, Tyler Heights Baptist Church, and Iglesia del Senor. In 2017 Boxwood Hospitality began an eighteen month restoration of the space. They added modern touches in lighting, sound, and accessibility, while honoring the essence and spirit of the original church and its builders . The Cliff House finished in 2018, and gave the Bishop Arts District an incredible venue binding celebrations from the past to present.”

Are you ready to capture your big moments and book your own Dallas editorial and spring vibes wedding? Inquire here!

celebrate all the moments of your life

Photographer: @juliadavis.co
*second shooting for Maria Young Photo
Venue: Cliff House | Dallas, TX

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