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Just a few of my favorite business tools and resources that I know you'll love

workflow tools

get select pro and make your culling easier

Imagine a world where gone are the days of culling through thousands of wedding photos one at a time, and welcome a world of culling based on AI detection and focus rating. 

narrative select

get free edits

It can be invaluable to find a program to assist in jump starting your edits when busy season hits! And don’t worry about “giving up the reins” — you still download the edits in a Lightroom Catalog so you can go in and tweak every single image to be perfect for your couples! 

imagen ai

25% off with this link

Keep track of client inquiries, contracts, online product sales, and even creating forms and workflows for client onboarding & off boarding! 


get $40 off your ring

From tracking hormones and my cycle, to daily health, and my body’s needs, I could not be more thankful for my Oura ring! 

oura ring

learn more

We LOVE using FloDesk to create beautiful, on-brand emails for our shop and regular subscribers. Highly recommend! GET 50% OFF BELOW!

flodesk email platform

50 free ghostingwriting credits

Social media has its ups and downs. Take managing your Pinterest to the next automated level, and ensure there’s a bit more stable marketing in your business. 

tailwind for pinterest