Wife of three years, Dog Mom to two sweet pups (a four year old boxer named Ehlie, and a one year old German shorthair pointer named Shipley), True-Crime addict, self-admitted Taylor Swiftie, Texas Red Dirt country music fan, and all around nature nut who just can't wait for her next adventure.

Why The Boots + Flowers? 
I was born and raised In Austin, Texas, but Have lived around the country through jobs and the adventures of being a military spouse while my husband was stationed in California. The Boots honor my roots + who I am. They're worn in and loved, not super fashion-focused, and have seen their fair-share of ranches. The flowers symbolize our travels - the state flower of the two states we have called home and where I have pursued this passion of mine; Texas bluebonnets and California poppies. I couldn't be more blessed that this joy I have discovered in capturing your love, your adventures and journeys, have gifted me the chances to go on all these adventures of our own! 

a few of my favorite things


I believe it’s my job to make sure that you feel calm, authentic, and engaged during a shoot with me and I will go above and beyond to ensure this is the case. I will always direct and pose you so you don’t feel or look awkward in any of your photographs.

As a texas and travel wedding photographer, I’ve gone to a fair few weddings. I’ve seen it all - the cold feet, the wardrobe malfunction, the teary grandpa, the “had one too many” groomsmen, and at least a few pairs of stashed stilettos in a bush. But one thing that I know for sure, is that regardless of how much planning you do, the wedding OR ANY SESSION will always unfold as it’s meant to. People seem to swing between being extremely excited and extremely overwhelmed as they’re going through the stages of wedding planning - so if you’re feeling either of those things, know that this is completely normal, AND I AM HERE TO HELP YOU THROUGH IT!

it's the little things that set me apart as your wedding + elopement photographer.

I have a huge love for warm sunsets, driving with the windows down, adventuring through mountainsides, swimming through ocean currents, and all things nature. It is a blessing that my passion has led to this opportunity to create and work in the landscapes and locations around the globe that bring me joy. 

It is my dream to pause time, and create a forever memory of this time in your story. THANK YOU for considering to bring me along on this journey to be your Texas wedding and elopement photographer - I couldn't be more excited! 

Hey y'all, I'm Julia.

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