Helpful Hints for Accomplishing a Stress-Free Session

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Planning your session doesn’t have to be a marathon to train for and plan out every detail! And it’s so cliche to just say “be yourself” – but it’s true! Here are some helpful hints for accomplishing that goal, and enjoy these moments with Mel & Ian at Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California.

Pick wardrobe that feels authentic.

Don’t stress over finding a new and perfect ‘fit that you’ll be uncomfortable in. The only specifics I suggest are neutral colors, natural textures like linen or sweaters, and only soft patterns. In fact, heavy patterns or colors, like neon pink zebra print, will actually reflect light and pattern onto your face – and no one has time for a striped pink face when you’re dreaming about your someday wedding!

Think of activities you love to do.

Scrabble? Bring a board game! Hiking? Let’s go to the mountains. Reading books or Bible journaling? Bring that blanket and books and let’s get lost in the pages! Surfing? Girl, you know where I’m headed with this one. Whatever it is that makes your relationship TICK, let’s do it!

Choose a location that won’t add to your blood pressure.

Do you stress about parking? Maybe don’t pick a location that never has any available. For example, do you hate driving long distances? Probably shouldn’t pick that super remote mountain top that takes snow chains and 3 hours of driving. However, if those amazing locations are what you’re heart is set on, remember to budget time into your day, and…

Plan your day like a fun date event, rather than just a quick photo shoot.

This isn’t a business meeting. This is supposed to be fun! Remember why you are celebrating this time in the first place. All that I am is a large fly on the wall who DREAMS of seeing your love explode through these images we will capture together. Start your day with lunch at your favorite spot, get ready together, drive to the location a couple hours early and let’s grab drinks to start everything on the right foot! There is no written-in-stone rule that photoshoots and engagement sessions have to be boring and painful! Let’s have fun!

TL:DR // Above all, don’t add stress where you don’t need to – remember that this session is purely to celebrate the love you have and this amazing milestone you’re at in your story. The rest is just noise clouding your brain.

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