Sekrit Theater Sunny Proposal

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Tommy and Lauren’s Sekrit Theater sunny proposal might be one of my favorite sessions to date at the Sekrit Theater. When the greenhouse’s never ending vines and plants finally bloom for the season after the harsh winter, it is such a peaceful, cool, and perfect location for couples to be in love. Tommy arrived early to the proposal to surprise Lauren. She was under the belief that she was going to brunch with friends. When she arrived, Tommy was standing waiting for her at the curb, and she knew. It was the biggest day of her life to that point, and it was a fairytale. He got down on one, and they both fell to the ground in happy tears and kisses. We then all wandered the Sekrit property, exploring the school bus, vintage trucks, movie screens, and romantic corners.

The details of Lauren’s custom ring were absolutely stunning!
Her and Tommy had worked on it for months, but he brought it to life to surprise her.

Always a huge thank you to Amore Austin for bringing beautifully crafted proposal experiences to Central Texas. “Many people put a lot of pressure on themselves to come up with a proposal all on their own, but don’t have experience in planning. And let’s be honest: romantic gestures are a whole event. If Cinderella had help from a fairy godmother to meet the partner of her dreams, you deserve expert help as well! With a decade of experience in event planning, we have the insight you need to design and execute an extraordinary proposal that’s as unique as your love story. Hearing our clients tell us how much they loved their event and how much they enjoyed working with us is extremely important to us. You can relax those shoulders. You’re in excellent hands.

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Venue: The Sekrit Theater, Austin, TX

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