Bluebonnet Golden Hour Engagement Session

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McKenzie + Alex knew they wanted a bluebonnet golden hour engagement session, so as soon as they started to bloom in Central Texas, we hustled to the park! At Brushy Creek Lake Park in Cedar Park, TX, we ran around, danced in the tall grasses, climbed on park benches, and laid in the bluebonnet blooms.

Bluebonnets are perhaps the best-loved flower in all of Texas (the state flower), and there are lots of reasons why. For one thing, they’re absolutely stunning. Each spring, fields of blue blooms pop up along roadways and fields making an incredible sight. And bluebonnet folklore abounds with legends almost too numerous to count. Bluebonnets get their name from the flower’s individual bloom’s resemblance to the sunbonnets women wore to guard against the grueling Texas sun. The Spanish had a few names for bluebonnets, too, including El Conejo, meaning “rabbit” after the flower’s white tip, which is reminiscent of a cottontail rabbit’s tail. Spaniards also called it Azulego, which loosely translates as “cornflower” or “indigo bunting,” a name that comes from the bluebonnet’s color. (Farmers Almanac)

These two are getting married in just a few months, so this bluebonnet golden hour engagement session felt like the perfect way to celebrate and get us all hyped for their upcoming nuptials at the Ice Plant Bldg in the South Texas town of La Grange.

Alex and McKenzie have known each other for a few years, after meeting at church. They remained close friends until Alex asked her on their first date in the fall of 2022. When you meet the love of your life, sometimes you know that it’s perfect, so why wait years to seal the deal? In McKenzie’s words, “when you know, you know! He’s my best friend! So excited to start our lives together.”

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Location: Brushy Creek Lake Park, Cedar Park, TX

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