California Redwoods Engagement Session

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Maria + Ben’s Italy wedding is fast approaching, so we celebrated with their very own fun and adventurous California redwoods engagement session.

Did you know there are redwood pockets in not only the Northern California, but also the Central California coast? Deep in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, hundreds of redwoods tower over shaded one lane roads and streams.

“The park’s land has a bittersweet beauty. Almost all of today’s redwood forest was clear-cut in a 40-year logging frenzy from 1883 to 1923. When the loggers left the Aptos Canyon, the forest began to heal itself; now, the scars grow fainter with each passing year. The Forest of Nisene Marks is a monument to forest regeneration and the future—it is a forest in a perpetual state of becoming.

The park’s name honors Nisene Marks, the nature-loving mother of the Salinas farm family that bought the land in the 1950s. Her children donated approximately 9,700 acres to the state in 1963 with the provision that the land never be developed. Today, the park showcases a forest in recovery, with rugged canyons and remnants of its once-bustling railroad and logging industry. A grove of ancient old-growth redwood trees near the Pourroy picnic area was preserved under private ownership and added to the park in recent years.”

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Venue: The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park
Planning: @thebluebonnetcollective
Jewelry: @goldenanchorgoods
Stationary: @mebcalligraphy
Ring box: @thevelvetgardenringbox

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