Texas Hill Country Winery Proposal

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Matthew always knew he wanted to have a Texas Hill Country winery proposal when he popped the question to Cassandra, and he pulled off an amazing surprise!

Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country on a scenic drive between Austin and San Antonio, Wimberley Valley Winery hosts a diverse wine menu, beautiful grounds, spacious patios, ranches surrounding, and spacious patios that many visitors favor.

I first arrived at the Winery just as Matthew + Cassandra did. When they went inside for their Wine Tasting, I hung outside just a bit longer, and explored the property. Cassandra later told me she thought I was photographing the Winery for a magazine – glad to hear I am that good of an actress in hiding waiting for big moments for my couples!

Their friends arrived so they could have their customized wine tasting, and shortly after, Cassandra’s family arrived to surprise her. We arranged them behind an old Two Story Bus like you see in England, and we patiently waited.

When Matthew, Cassandra, and their friends came outside, I casually followed behind as Matthew got down on one knee and popped the most important question he ever will – “will you marry me?”.

As soon as Cassandra said yes, their little baby girl came running out to surprise Mom and Dad! Cassandra’s mom had been watching her for the last day or two, and secretly had to find a way not to let the cat out of the bag that she was headed to Wimberley where her parents were as well.

Let’s celebrate the damn thing, and book your own Texas Hill Country Winery Proposal today!! 👏🏼 Inquire here!

capturing your biggest moments is my favorite thing

Photographer: @juliadavis.co

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