Sekrit Theater Enchanting Puppy Proposal

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Joe has known that Taylor was his perfect one, and has been planning the perfect Sekrit Theater Enchanting Puppy Proposal for months. With the help of Amore Austin Proposal planners, Joe and Tessa crafted the perfect proposal built specifically for Taylor.

After getting down on one knee, he reached for the ring, to find he had misplaced it. Taylor’s face was surprised, but understanding, and you could tell she was already forming the right words to share how it was okay, and she was so overjoyed already. To her surprise, he called out “Butters, I need help!” and their lovably golden retriever ran out from the guest house with her new ring secured in his jacket pocket.

To say I was emotional witnessing this beautiful moment was an understatement. These two are absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to see where their love takes them.

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Venue: Sekrit Theater
Coordinator: Amore Austin
Floral: Tiffany Larson of Austin, TX

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