Sunset Sail Engagement Session on Lake Travis

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When Karen reached out to me about photographing her’s and Justin’s bliss from their recent engagement, I couldn’t be more thrilled. These two are addicted to the water, and she knew that something on Lake Travis was mandatory. We settled on this sunset sail engagement session on Lake Travis, and the results speak for themselves!

Karen + Justin met senior year of high school, ten years ago! Karen knew he was The One as soon as she saw him, but had no idea that Justin felt the same until he made the first move, asking her to sit with him at a football game. They went to Texas State University together, and now celebrate every adventure together. Their favorite trips have been Galveston and Colorado, as well as floating the San Marcos River. They love being on the water these days and surfing or just swimming.

Before their engagement shoot, K+J treated their day exactly as I suggest to all my clients – as a date night celebrating each other! They had a few of their favorite drinks and took time together getting ready. We hopped aboard a thirty five foot sailboat out of Texas Sailing and set sail!

During our session, “Yacht Rock” radio, courtesy of the captain, played in the background as we explored the deck, drank White Claws, and watched the sunset! K+J finished the night jumping into the warm Lake Travis waters and cuddling under an XL Sand Cloud blanket.

They’re folks who say Texas sunsets are something special sure know what they’re talking about. Cotton candy skies, cool late-summer breezes, and rich Earth tones on the bank make Texas sunsets straight out of a painting!

Are you ready?

Can’t wait to book your own sunset sail engagement session or around any of Texas’ many beautiful waterways? Inquire here!

Couple: @karennjasmine + @meurinj
Location: Lake Travis, TX

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