Vintage Car Makes a Vibey Wedding in East Texas

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With beautiful clear sunrise skies, Tristan + Isaac shared a vintage + vibey wedding in East Texas with the a very special guest: a vintage Mitsubishi truck. Their love turned a boring parking lot into a perfect place to celebrate such a big day in their story!

We started the morning with Tristan + Isaac’s reveal and couples portraits as they soaked in the sunrise. Then, we walked over to the Lake’s dam, where they traded in the vintage truck for a skateboard, and recited custom vows.

Floral in small weddings can be just as impactful as a large event! Thanks to Forget Me Not Flowers in Tyler, baby’s breath adorned the car and, along with Tristan’s bouquet, brought a soft glow to a normally rough texture as a vehicle.

Can’t wait to book your own vintage wedding in east Texas or somewhere special to you? Inquire here!

Couple: @tristan_paige + @motamob
Retreat Hosts: @lizziehillardphotography + @morganmadephotos
Hair: @brayleereneehair
Makeup: @cheycosmetics
Floral: Forget Me Not Flowers
Gown: @taylarmaderentals
Location: Tyler, TX

“A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people
who refuse to give up on each other.” – Unknown

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